High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys & Girls Fours,Medford Mayor's Cup: Medford, Milton, Worcester Academy, Worcester Public, Marianapolis, Bancroft
May 18, 2019; Malden River, Medford, MA

Submitted by Chris Dello Russo.

Distance: 1370 m
Conditions: Temperatures in the high 60s to low 70s and sunny throughout the day. Slight crosswind from the east during morning races that lessened in the mid-to-late morning.
Comments: Medford would like to thank and congratulate all of the teams for a fantastic day of racing!


Men's Racing

First Boat:
Milton 4:57.63
Worcester Academy 5:34.10
Medford 5:07.10
Worcester Public 5:09.95
Marianapolis 5:24.09
Bancroft 5:04.13
Medford (Petite Final) DNF

Second Boat:
Bancroft 6:02.46
Milton 5:19.78
Worcester Academy 6:30.80
Medford 5:31.50
Worcester Public (Petite Final) 5:36.50
Bancroft (Petite Final) 5:49.50
Medford (Grand Final) 5:52.12

Third Boat:
Milton 6:14.20
Medford 6:24.60

Women's Racing

First Boat:
Medford 5:55.04
Marianapolis 6:30.57
Worcester Academy 6:24.30
Milton 6:11.80

Second Boat:
Worcester Public 6:42.02
Milton 6:19.98
Worcester Academy 6:09.80
Medford 6:01.50

Third Boat:
Milton 6:39.81
Medford 6:47.74

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