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Collegiate Men: Devil's Lake Invitational Finals - Adrian College, Marietta, MSOE, Mercyhurst
April 16, 2022; Devil's Lake, Addison MI

Submitted by Sam Pratt.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Cross-headwind that changed significantly race to race, anywhere from 5 to 15mph. Moderate chop for first 750m and then mostly flat.
Comments: The Varsity Four C final was run over 1250 due to significant chop. The 2nd Varsity Four no time was recorded but margin was taken. Great racing all, thanks for coming!


Varsity 8
Mercyhurst 6:21.8
Marietta 6:22.9

Varsity Four
Mercyhurst Hvy 7:27.8
Marietta A 7:42.0
Adrian 8:00.7

Varsity Eight Final B:
Adrian 7:02.2
MSOE 7:41.4

Varsity Four Final B:
Mercyhurst Lwt 7:29.4
Marietta B 7:37.1
Marietta C 7:54.2

Varsity Four Final C:
MSOE A 5:15.7
MSOE C 5:32.7
MSOE B 5:45.8

2nd Varsity Four Final:
Adrian +1.8s

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