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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Girls Fours,BB&N, Nobles, Derryfield (1V only)
April 28, 2018; Charles River

Submitted by John Cotter.

Distance: Power House
Conditions: Breezy at the start line, strong winds in the second half of the race, Stronger winds for V2 than V1 and V3.
Comments: During the 5th boat race there was an overlap of oars and BB&N had minor collision with a bridge.


First Boat
Nobles 4:47.5
BB&N 5:07.4
Derryfield 5:17.3

Second Boat
Nobles 4:58.2
BB&N 5:27..8

Third Boat
Nobles 5:06.4
BB&N 5:18.4

Sixth Boat:
BB&N 5:45.2
Nobles 5:58.9
7th Boat
Nobles 5:55.6
BB&N 5:58.2

Fourth Boat
Nobles 5:25.9
BB&N 5:37.3

Fifth Boat
Nobles 5:31.0
BB&N 5:55.1

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