High School/Scholastic: MAPL Cup - Girls
May 14, 2016; Mercer Lake

Submitted by Barb Grudt.

Distance: ~1500m
Conditions: Conditions: 13+ SSW wind ranged from cross tail with heavy chop to Biblical. Races were rowed from a floating start over the last ~1500 m of the Mercer course. Times between races cannot be compared, because each race started in a different place on the course. Order of racing was novice, 3v, 2v, 1v.
Comments: All races were begun from a floating start somewhere near the 500-750m marks and run to the 2000m finish. In the 3V race, Blair was leading comfortably when they caught two boat-stopping crabs in the last 250 meters and cut in front of L’ville as they tried to get going again. The 4th-5th varsity race was stopped after 1000 meters due to excessive wind. The order of racing was N8, 3V, 2V, 1V, 4th-5thV. Under the new points system, the order of finish for the 2016 MAPL Cup was: 1) Blair with 11 points, 2) Peddie with 15 points, and 3) Lawrenceville with 19 points. Hun was not eligible to compete for the championship, because they doubled athletes between the 3V and 1V races.


Men's Racing

Women's Racing

Varsity Four:
Blair 5:27.5
Peddie 5:35.4
Hun 5:39.6
Lawrenceville 5:44.4

2nd Varsity Four:
Blair 5:36.6
Lawrenceville 5:49.4
Hun 5:53.3
Peddie 5:58.8

3rd Varsity Four:
Peddie +0.6
Hill +19.5
Blair +32.1
Lawrenceville +45.3

4th-5th Four:
Blair A
Blair B

Novice 8+:
Lawrneceville 4:54.0
Blair 5:04.1
Peddie 5:07.2

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