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High School/Scholastic: Carr Cup: Georgetown Visitation vs. National Cathedral & Episcopal (VA)
April 16, 2016; Anacostia River, Washington, DC

Submitted by Gonzaga Crew.

Distance: appx. 1600m
Conditions: Perfect conditions. Slight cross tailwind for earlier races building into a moderate headwind for the Varsity 8. Flat water. Races run against outgoing tide. Floating starts.
Comments: Thank you to the athletes, parents and referees for a great morning of racing.


Varsity 8
National Cathedral 6:04.0
Georgetown Visitation 6:23.2
Episcopal 6:43.6

2nd Varsity 8
National Cathedral 6:09.2
National Cathedral 3V 6:30.1
Georgetown Visitation 6:55.4

Varsity Four
National Cathedral 6:58.5
Georgetown Visitation 7:07.8

Frosh/Novice 8
National Cathedral 6:12.7
Georgetown Visitation 6:47.0
Episcopal 6:52.9

2nd Frosh/Novice 8
Episcopal 7:18.8
Georgetown Visitation 7:29.2

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