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High School/Scholastic: Mid-South TN/GS State Championship Women's racing: Baylor, GPS, Westminster (Atl), & Harpeth Hall
May 1, 2021; Baylor School, Chattanooga TN

Submitted by Garrison Smith.

Distance: 1500 meters
Conditions: Slight head wind throughout the day, blowing against the current. Flow of river fairly low. Sun and warm temps. Basically ideal rowing conditions.
Comments: In the First four race all crews were waked significantly by a passing motorboat, crews appeared to be affected equally. Starts for racing were floating starts so not all races started directly on the line so times between races should not be compared. Thank you to Westminster, GPS and Harpeth Hall for making the trip.


Varsity 8
Baylor 5:42
GPS 5:57
Westminster 7:15

2nd Varsity 8
Baylor 6:09
GPS 6:34
Baylor B 6:45

Varsity Four
Baylor 6:25
Harpeth Hall 2x 6:56
GPS 7:07
Westminster 7:17

2nd Four:
Baylor 6:30.3
GPS 7:10.0
Westminster 7:30.2

Harpeth Hall 6:48
Baylor 7:07
GPS A 7:11
GPS B 7:24

Frosh/Novice 8
Baylor 6:32
Westminster A 7:03
GPS 7:34
Westminster B 7:59

3rd Four:
Baylor A 6:39
Baylor B 7:01
GPS 7:32
Westminster 8:16


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