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High School/Scholastic: The Cooke Family Cup
May 21, 2016; Nashua River, Groton

Submitted by Andy Anderson.

Distance: 1225 meters
Conditions: Perfect racing conditions. Very little current, still conditions.
Comments: Very good racing. Groton retains the Cooke Family Cup, a points trophy for the sum of boys and girls races by 11 to 9. Thank you to Nobles for great competition.


1st Four:
Groton 3:45.7
Nobles 3:46.8

2nd Four:
Groton 3:54.5
Nobles 3:59.2

3rd Four:
Groton 4:04.1
Nobles 4:16.1

4th Four:
Groton 4:10.7
Nobles 4:12.9

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