Collegiate Lightweight Women: Bucknell University vs. Susquehanna University
April 26, 2007; Shamokin Dam, PA

Submitted by Kate Strum.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Light headwind. Race run downstream.
Comments: The fast-moving current made allignment difficult, so the race was rowed with a start on the fly.

Bucknell B started 4" ahead of Susquehanna and had that that added to their time. Bucknell A started 1/2 a length down on susquehanna and nothing was added to their time


Men's Racing

Women's Racing

Women's Varsity Lightweight 4+:
Bucknell University A 6:30.38
Bucknell University B 6:37.40
Susquehanna University 6:46.0

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