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HS/Scholastic: Deerfield Academy Boys Fours vs. Nobles and Middlesex
May 12, 2012; Deerfield, Ma

Submitted by Deerfield Coaches.

Distance: 1500
Conditions: Ripping tail current (35,000 CFPS) All starts were floating: 4th boat started approx. 35 m above the start; 3rd 70m; 2nd 80 m; 1st 10 m. Current abated off toward the 2nd and 1st boat races (less release from the Turners Fall Dam) Building cross head wind in the last 500 meters. Some light chop.
Comments: Beautiful Day. 70+ degrees. Thanks to Middlesex and Nobles for making the trip.


4th boat :
Deerfield 4:38.5
Nobles 4:49.4
Middlesex 4:54.0

3rd Boat:
Deerfield 4:21.4
Middlesex 4:38.1
Nobles 4:39.4

2nd boat:
Deerfield 4:37.7
Nobles 4:37.9
Middlesex 4:45.9

1st boat:
Deerfield 4:01.0
Middlesex 4:07.5
Nobles 4:10.8

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