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Collegiate Women: SMU vs. Minnesota
March 25, 2022; White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas

Submitted by Travis Day, SMU.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Race order: 3V4, 2V4, V4, 2V8, 1V8, 3V8 3V4, 2V4, V4, cross-headwind in second half, building cross-headwind as racing progressed. Gusts up to 7-8mph by last race. 4mph steady cross headwind up to 7 mph gusts for 2V8, 1V8, 3V8
Comments: Both V4 crews rowed through perpendicular wakes at 800m and 500m due to fishing boat crossing course


Varsity 8
SMU 6:42.40
Minnesota 6:43.10

2nd Varsity 8
SMU 6:47.70
Minnesota 7:08.60

Varsity Four
SMU 7:30.05
Minnesota 7:47.50

2nd Varsity 4:
SMU 7:34.36
Minnesota 7:45.00

3rd Varsity 4:
SMU 7:37.50
Minnesota 7:52.20

3rd Varsity 8:
SMU 7:09.70
Minnesota 7:26.90


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