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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys Fours,Belmont Hill vs Nobles -- The Bassett Cup; Belmont Hill 7V4 vs BC High 7V4/8V4
May 2, 2018; The Powerhouse, Charles River

Submitted by Chris Richards.

Distance: 1300m
Conditions: warm! variable strong headwind/cross headwind, strongest for 4V4 and 1V4 races
Comments: Results of the 7V4: BHS 4:59.3, BC HIGH 'A' 5:07.8, BC HIGH 'B' 5:09.1 Thanks to all crews & coaches for a great day of racing


First Boat
BHS 4:13.9
NOBLES 4:24.4

Second Boat
NOBLES 4:23.6
BHS 4:27.4

Third Boat
BHS 4:29.9
NOBLES 4:35.8

Sixth Boat:
BHS 4:51.0
NOBLES 5:12.9

Fourth Boat
BHS 4:42.3
NOBLES 4:55.4

Fifth Boat
BHS 4:37.0
NOBLES 4:42.5

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