High School/Scholastic: East Lyme vs. Valley Regional
May 1, 2021; Pattagansett Lake, East Lyme

Submitted by Scott Mahon.

Distance: 1200
Conditions: A strong quartering tailwind throughout the race.
Comments: In the girls novice eight race, Valley Regional caught a boat stopping crab at about the 1000 meter mark. Thank you Valley for making the trip and rowing in those high winds with us!


Men's Racing

Boys Varsity 8:
East Lyme 1st
Valley Regional 2nd

Boys Varsity 4:
East Lyme 4:04.09
Valley Regional 4:20.48

Women's Racing

Girls Varsity 4:
East Lyme 4:31.0
Valley Regional 4:54.51

Girls Varsity 8:
East Lyme V1 4:05.58
East Lyme V2 4:22.7
Valley Regional 5:04.14

Girls Novice 8:
East Lyme 3V 4:39.7
East Lyme Novice 4:52.4
Valley Regional Novice 5:22.16

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