High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys & Girls Fours,Brooks, Nobles and Berwick Academy
April 14, 2018; Lake Cochichewick

Submitted by Tote Smith.

Distance: 1500 meters
Conditions: Order of racing was 6th boats to 1st boats, with the exception of the G1, who raced first. Direct headwind throughout, diminishing over the afternoon but gusty. Comparisons from early races to later races are subject to varied conditions.
Comments: Thanks to all the crews for their great cooperation in an early-season event, allowing us to get off twelve races in rapid succession. Welcome Berwick Academy to the NEIRA! Thank you both teams for some excellent racing with several tight races and two photo finishes.


Men's Racing

First Boat:
Nobles 5:35.0
Berwick 5:51.0
Brooks 5:51.5

Second Boat:
Nobles 5:39
Brooks 6:04
Berwick 6:59

Third Boat:
Nobles 5:51
Brooks 6:12
Berwick 7:00

Fourth Boat:
Brooks 5:53
Nobles 5:59

Fifth Boat:
Nobles 6:11
Brooks 6:15

Six Boat:
Nobles 6:41
Brooks 6:59

Women's Racing

First Boat:
Nobles 6:18
Brooks 6:24
Berwick 6:55

Second Boat:
Nobles 6:22
Brooks 6:47
Berwick 7:16

Third Boat:
Nobles 6:48
Brooks 6:59
Berwick 7:54

Fourth Boat:
Nobles 6:41
Brooks 6:51

Fifth Boat:
Brooks 7:10.0
Nobles 7:10.1

Sixth Boat:
Brooks 7:31
Nobles 7:37

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