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Collegiate Women: Lewis & Clark vs. Pacific Lutheran
April 17, 2021; Vancouver Lake, WA

Submitted by Sam Taylor, Lewis & Clark.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Fully buoyed, 2000m course, floating starts. 3-5mph quartering headwind. Very shallow lake making for slow times.
Comments: In the women's 2v8 alignment got weird and the race ended up starting over a length past the start line- race distance was probably closer to 1950. PLU's 2nd entry in the Varsity four race was a straight four raced as exhibition.


Varsity 8
Pacific Lutheran 7:23.8
Lewis & Clark 7:38.1

2nd Varsity 8
Lewis & Clark 7:44.7
Pacifci Lutheran 7:55.5

Varsity Four
Lewis & Clark A 8:21.0
Pacific Lutheran 8:28.8
Lewis & Clark B 9:13.2
PLU 4- (exhab) 8:38.5

2v/Nov Four:
Pacific Lutheran 2v 8:56.2
Lewis & Clark 2v 9:05.4
Lewis & Clark Nov 9:36.3
Pacific Lutheran Nov 9:55.9

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