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High School/Scholastic: Farmington HS Girls (NEIRA Eights) vs. Bay View, Sacred Heart, Hingham, Northfield Mt Hermon
April 16, 2016; Farmington River (Farmington, CT)

Submitted by Dave Harvey.

Distance: 1200m
Conditions: Due to conditions and difficulty aligning, most races started over the line by a deck to 2 seats. The 3V girls race started approx. 150m over line as running start. 5 to 10 mph cross wind with higher gusts at start then variable head to cross wind with 15 to 20 gusts. Races cannot be compared for times.
Comments: CSH2V missed their race due to an equipment issue. After a repair, they raced with Novice/4V Girls 8 race.


Varsity 8
Hingham 4:20
Bay View 4:22
NMH 4:28
CSH 4:34

2nd Varsity 8
NMH 4:29
Hingham 4:40
Bay View 4:55

3rd Varsity 8:
NMH 3:50
Hingham 3:52
Bay View 4:04
CSH 4:17

Novice/4V 8:
FHS 4V 4:56
Hingham 4:59
CSH 2V 5:03
FHS 1Novice 5:28

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