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HS/Scholastic: Berkshire, Deerfield & Taft (Girls)
April 21, 2007; Lake Wononpakook, Lakeville, CT

Submitted by Paul MacKenzie.

Distance: 1500 M
Conditions: Building headwind with slight chop in first 1000 meters.
Comments: Berkshire 2nd boat had a seat come off the tracks 400 M into the race and received assistance to repair it. They rowed the course after the repair. Deerfield 4th boat suffered two boat-stopping crabs during the race.


Varsity Four
Deerfield 6:05.55
Taft 6:10.44
Berkshire 6:26.83

2nd Four:
Deerfield 7:04.88
Taft 7:29.07
Berkshire NTT

3rd Four:
Deerfield 3 6:49.19
Taft 3 7:23.24
Deerfield 4 8:26.46

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