High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys & Girls Eights,Stonington High School and Guillford High School
April 28, 2018; Mystic Seaport Mystic CT,

Submitted by Tyler Page.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Mild head wind conditions Current went from mild head current to slack tide to tail current throughout the course of racing. Race order: GN8,BN8,GV2,BV1,B2/3,GV1, BN4,GV3 All novice races were shortened to 1200m In the girls novice race stonington 5 seat's oar came out of the oar lock early in the race. The girls varsity races was stopped after 500m due to fog related. After a quick delay the race was re ran with no issue. Thank you to Guillford for a great morning of racing.


Men's Racing

First Boat:
Stonington 4:55.1
Guillford 5:20.1

Second Boat:
Stonington 2v 5:08.4
Guillford 5:31.2
Stonington 3v 5:39.8

Fourth Boat:
Guillford N8 4:03.7
Stonington N8 4:12.6

Fifth Boat:
Guillford BN4 4:26.1
Stonington BN4 4:30.7

Women's Racing

First Boat:
Stonington 5:46.8
Guillford 5:55.2

Second Boat:
Stonington 6:03.5
Guillford 6:24.9

Third Boat:
Stonington 6:05.5
Guillford 6:07.5

Fourth Boat:
Guillford N8 4:46.5
Stoninton N8 5:43.4

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