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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys Eights,Boston College High School vs. St.John’s Prep
May 15, 2021; Charles River Basin

Submitted by Steve McKiernan.

Distance: 1500
Conditions: Cross-tailwinds. Minor chop.
Comments: In the 5th Boat Race, oars clashed at the 1000m. Boats separated and the race continued. Thank you to St. John’s Prep for a great day of racing and for making the trip out to the Charles.


First Boat
BCH 4:43.4
SJP 4:53.4

Second Boat
BCH 4:49.7
SJP 5:05.5

Third Boat
BCH 5:17.7
SJP 5:47.1

Fourth Boat
BCH 5:44.4
SJP 5:56.9

Fifth Boat
SJP 6:17.7
BCH 6:27.4

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