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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Girls Fours,Pomfret vs. Groton, Deerfield, Taft, Dexter-Southfield
April 27, 2019; Quasset Lake, Woodstock, CT

Submitted by Caroline Wardlow.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Widely variable: Overcast w/ moderate tailwind of 7-10 mph with stronger gusts for the first races. A passing hailstorm for G1, followed by winds shifting to mild, swirling cross-headwind for the second half of racing. Clouds broke to blue skies, calmer winds, and flatter water for the final races of the day.
Comments: Due to timing error, don't have exact times for G3 race. The finish order is confirmed. Margins for first, second, and third are as reported by visiting coaches. Pomfret's estimated time is from a coxswain recording. Unfortunately, we do not have a margin or a time for Dexter Southfield. Order of girls races (alternated with boys): G4, G2, G1, G3, G5. In the G5 race, Taft caught a crab within the first few strokes. The race was restarted about 200m down the course for a 1300m race. Taft and Pomfret caught several boat stopping crabs during the race.


First Boat
Deerfield 5:41.3
Groton 5:43.2
Taft 5:46.7
Dexter Southfield 6:02.2
Pomfret 6:17.7

Second Boat
Groton 5:47.7
Taft 5:59.9
Deerfield 6:01.3
Dexter Southfield 6:32.3
Pomfret 7:03.2

Third Boat
Groton ?
Deerfield G+8.9"
Taft G+12.3"
Pomfret 7:21 ?
Dexter Southfield ?

Fourth Boat
Groton 6:15.3
Taft 6:22.3
Deerfield 6:35.4
Dexter Southfield 7:20.3
Pomfret 8:34.0

Fifth Boat
Groton 5:50.8
Taft 6:08.4
Pomfret 9:37.3

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