HS/Scholastic: Derryfield School vs. Brewster Academy, Hyde School, Waynflete School
May 12, 2007; Merrimack River, Hooksett, NH

Submitted by Vin Broderick.

Distance: 1500 meters
Conditions: Beautiful day for racing. Moderate tail current minimal wind until the last two races (M1 and M3)when a fairly strong headwind picked up headwind picked up.
Comments: Not all races started right on the line because of current. The first M3 race was protested by the Brewster crew because the Derryfield crew had crossed into its lane during the first race. 5th boat race had Derryfield and Brewster 4th boat rowers race again to make a race for additional rowers. Hyde's M5 crew was a combination of two 2nd boaters and two girls. W3 race Derryfield had a two length lead at the 750, where two boat stopping crabs in the Brewster boat widened the margin. Thanks to the Brewster, Hyde, and Waynflete crews for coming to race.


Men's Racing

First Boat:
Derryfield NTT
Brewster +3sec
Waynflete +10sec
Hyde +14sec

Second Boat:
Derryfield 5:03.1
Brewster 5:09.8
Waynflete 5:30.6
Hyde 5:32.9

Third Boat (re-row):
Derryfield 5:38.1
Brewster 6:03.4

Fourth Boat:
Derryfield 5:22.5
Brewster 5:35.1

Fifth boat:
Derryfield 5:50.0
Brewster 5:58.2
Hyde 6:56.4

Third Boat (First race):
Derryfield 5:05
Brewster 5:13

Women's Racing

First Boat:
Derryfield 5:24.6
Brewster 5:33.6
Hyde 5:46.3
Waynflete 5:46.7 (1'

Second Boat:
Derryfield 5:12.3
Brewster 5:39.1
Waynflete 5:40.0
(Race started 4-5 len. past start)

Third Boat:
Derryfield 5:52.8
Brewster 6:39.3

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