Junior: Northeast Jr C Sculling Championship
August 5, 2006; Mohawk River Niskayuna

Submitted by Matt Hopkins.

Distance: 1500m, 1x's went 1K
Conditions: Great condidtions all day. Slight head/cross wind.
Comments: Great racing all around. Leaders in both the Boys Nov 1x (Nisky/Feenan) and the boys Nov 2x (Durham BC) both suffered misfortune in the final 100m (a flip for the 1x and a broken oarlock in the 2x). No times were taken in the boys Nov 2x


Men's Racing

Boys Nov 1x:
Nisky B 5:39
Nisky C 5:58
SRC A 6:03
Nisky D 6:20
SRC B 6:54
Burned Hills 7:11
Nisky A 8:44

Boys Flywt Nov 1x:
SRC 6:57
Nisky A 7:18
Nisky B 8:05
Nisky C 8:17

Girls 1x:
Nisky A (Deblock) 5:23
Nisky B (Sweeney) 5:25
Saratoga (Thora) 5:27

Boys 4x:
Durham BC 6:31
Saratoga 6:45
Nisky 6:47

Girls Nov 2x:
Saratoga A 7:52
Saratoga B 8:12
Shaker 9:07
Nisky NTT

Girls Nov 1x:
Nisky (Yao) 6:28
Nisky (Deblock) 6:59

Women's Racing

Boys 1x:
Nisky (McPeters) 5:37
Thousand Island BC 6:03

Boys Flywt 2x:
Durham BC 8:17
SRC 10:40
Niskayuna 11:29

Boys 2nd 1x:
Nisky (Andrew) 5:37
Nisky (John) 5:39
Nisky (Cory) 5:50

Girls 2x:
Saratoga A 7:15
Saratoga B 7:23
Niskayuna 7:41
Saratoga C 7:50

Boys Nov 2x:
Saratoga NTT

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