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HS/Scholastic: BB&N Girls vs. Winsor, Nobles
April 30, 2011; Charles River, Powerhouse Stretch

Submitted by Allison Kornet.

Distance: 1250m
Conditions: Cross-tailwind to Cambridge— particularly challenging for the V4 coxswains at the starting line.
Comments: In an effort to catch up with scheduled race times, the Winsor coach started the V2 race without other coaches present and without a working stopwatch; therefore Winsor's winning time in the V2 race was taken from the Winsor cox's coxbox; other coaches caught up by the finish and the margins in that race are certainly verified.


Varsity Four
Nobles 4:19.7
BB&N 4:21.3
Winsor 4:23.9

2nd Varsity Four:
Winsor 4:20.6
BB&N 4:28.6
Nobles 4:31.1

3rd Varsity Four:
Winsor 4:28.3
BB&N 4:43.3
Nobles 4:44.1

4th Varsity Four:
Winsor 4:36.6
BB&N 4:49.3
Nobles 4:54.8


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