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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Girls Fours,BB&N Groton Duxbury
April 20, 2019; Power House Course Boston

Submitted by John Cotter.

Distance: 1350 M
Conditions: Strong head wind approx 16 MPH with gusts over 30 MPH. the 3V had a very strong headwind and the wind was consistently strong all day.
Comments: Despite pretty trying conditions, there were no collisions and everyone raced well. Thanks to Groton and Duxbury for coming to Boston to race


First Boat
Duxbury 5:05.5
Groton 5:08.8
BB&N 5:14.8

Second Boat
Groton 5:46.4
BB&N 6:03.2
Duxbury 6:10.6

Third Boat
Groton 6:41.4
BB&N 6:50.9
Duxbury 6:53.5

Fourth Boat
Groton 6:07.8
BB&N 4th 6:31.6
BB&N 5th 7:00.8

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