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HS/Scholastic: St. Mark's School (girls) vs. Brooks, Southfield, and Winsor
April 21, 2007; Lake Quinsigamond

Submitted by Andy Harris.

Distance: 1500 meters
Conditions: -medium tailwind, a bit stronger and gustier for the 2nd and 3rd boats
Comments: -race order was 4-1-3-2 -4th boats and 2nd boats started a length (or more) over the starting line -powerboat wakes impeded Winsor and Brooks in the 1st boat race, and St. Mark's in the 2nd boat race. In both cases, margins may well have been affected, but order of finish was not.


Varsity Four
Winsor 5:36.9
St. Mark's 5:42.0
Brooks 5:49.2
Southfield 6:02.7

2nd Fours:
Brooks 5:42.1
Winsor 5:46.1
St. Mark's 5:56.4
Southfield 6:12.9

3rd Fours:
Winsor 5:50.1
St. Mark's 5:52.6
Brooks 5:56.9

4th Fours:
St. Mark's 5:49.1
Winsor 5:51.9
Brooks 6:06.7


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