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Collegiate Women: Double Dual Round Two: Dartmouth, Cornell, UMass, Buffalo
May 1, 2010; Hanover, NH

Submitted by Wendy Levash.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Flat water, tail current, light variable tail wind.
Comments: Second round of racing in a double dual. Winners from the first round of Cornell vs. Dartmouth raced winners of the first round of Buffalo vs. UMass; losers raced losers. UMass raced their novice four in the V4B race.


Varsity 8
Dartmouth 6:05.4
Buffalo 6:25.8

2nd Varsity 8
Dartmouth 6:19.7
UMass 6:31.6

Varsity Four
Dartmouth 7:03.9
UMass 7:08.8

3V 8:
UMass 6:36.5
Dartmouth 6:44.8

3V 8:
Cornell 6:26.2
Buffalo 6:30.6

Cornell 6:09.4
UMass 6:26.4

Cornell 6:10.9
Buffalo 6:17.4

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