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Collegiate Women: Donahue Cup
April 11, 2015; Charles River

Submitted by Jason Steele.

Distance: 2000 Meters
Conditions: Strong headwind. 20Mph+ with stronger gusts. Heavy chop, whitecaps in the first 1000m.
Comments: W2V8 Race: WPI caught a boat stopping crab at the 600m This took a significant amount of time to resolve (20+ sec). WPI was even with Williams at that point. Conn College then had an equipment issue that caused them to stop at approximately 800m. They began rowing within 10 seconds.


Varsity 8
Williams 8:25.9
WPI 8:38.8
Simmons 8:46.9
Conn College 9:30.5

2nd Varsity 8
Williams 8:39.8
Simmons 9:09.5
WPI 9:15.5
Conn College 9:32.2

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