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HS/Scholastic: St. Mark's (girls) vs. Lincoln, Nobles, E.O.Smith
May 18, 2005; Lake Quinsigamond

Submitted by Andy Harris.

Distance: 1500 meters
Conditions: Variable tailwind. 3rd boats had the fastest conditions; 1st boats the slowest.
Comments: Racing order was 2-3-4-1. Due to a sudden illness, a St. Mark's 2nd boat rower doubled in the 1st boat race. Lincoln doubled a coxswain in the 2nd and 4th boats. Lincoln's 4th boat experienced a major crab which took some time to resolve.


Varsity Four
Nobles 5:42.9
Lincoln 5:52.2
St. Mark's 5:56.1
E. O. Smith 6:09.4

2nd Fours:
Nobles 5:37.7
St. Mark's 5:54.4
Lincoln 6:10.2
E. O. Smith 6:48.4

3rd Fours:
Nobles 5:48.4
St. Mark's 5:54.2
Lincoln 6:14.3

4th Fours:
Nobles 6:04.3
St. Mark's 6:09.3
Lincoln 7:39.3


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