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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys Eights,Phillips Andover vs. Phillips Exeter, and Tabor (David Swift Points Trophy)
May 12, 2018; Methuen, MA

Submitted by Andover Crew.

Distance: 1650
Conditions: Very slight following current. Very slight headwind to no wind.
Comments: Exeter won the overall (boys and girls boats 1-4) David Swift Points Trophy. Thanks to coaches and crews from Exeter and Tabor for making the trip.


First Boat
Exeter 4:42.0
Andover 4:47.0
Tabor 4:57.0

Second Boat
Exeter 4:47.0
Andover 4:57.0
Tabor 5:22.0

Third Boat
Andover 5:02.0
Exeter 5:04.08
Tabor 5:40.01

Sixth Boat:
Andover B6 5:14.7
Andover B7 5:27.9
Exeter B6 5:33.9

Fourth Boat
Andover 5:16.0
Exeter 5:20.0

Fifth Boat
Andover 5:15.0
Exeter 5:27.0

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