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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys Eights,Tabor, Phillips Exeter, Phillips Andover (David Swift Points Trophy) and St. John's School
May 11, 2019; Methuen, MA

Submitted by Andy Finch.

Distance: 1650
Conditions: Following current with strong headwind that varied in strength between races. Variable gusts and chop throughout all races. Floating starts. Times should not be compared between races due to variations in conditions.
Comments: Exeter wins the David Swift Points Trophy (overall score between boys and girls B1-B3). Thank you to all the coaches, crews, and supporters who came out to make this day a success.


First Boat
Exeter 4:50.9
Andover 4:53.1
St. John's 5:03.2
Tabor 5:09.4

Second Boat
Exeter 5:03.1
St. John's 5:08.6
Andover 5:14.2
Tabor 5:28.4

Third Boat
Exeter 5:04.6
Andover 5:07.5
St. John's 5:31.8
Tabor 5:55.9

Fourth Boat
Exeter 5:46.8
Andover 5:52.5
St. John's 6:23.7

Fifth Boat
Exeter B5 5:34.9
Andover 5:42.4
St. Johns 5:45.1
Exeter B6 6:09.2

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