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HS/Scholastic: Winsor School vs. Nobles, BB&N
April 28, 2007; Charles River, powerhouse stretch

Submitted by Lisa Stone.

Distance: 1250
Conditions: perfectly flat, very light current
Comments: In the 3rd boat Nobles caught a boat stopping crab. In the 1st boat BB&N's bow caught her seat in wiring at least twice, first occasion was 45 seconds into the race, which was not called back.( Initially thought to be a jumped seat.)


Varsity Four
Nobles 4:27.05
Winsor 4:34.8
BB&N 5:36.8*

2nd four:
Nobles 4:42.2
BB&N 4:49.8
Winsor 4:52.9

3rd Four:
Nobles 4:45.7
BB&N 4:46.1
Winsor 4:56.6

4th four:
Nobles 4:49.7
Winsor 4:50.1
BB&N 4:57


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