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HS/Scholastic: MAPL League Championship (Boys)
April 28, 2007; Mercer Lake, NJ

Submitted by Colin Campbell.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: Moderate cross-tailwind, gusting to whitecaps at times. The wind increased somewhat as the races progressed, making for difficult conditions in the middle third of the course.
Comments: The racing went very smoothly, except for the novice four race (not officially recorded). Lawrenceville caught a boat-stopping/boat-turning crab at about 200m to go, crossed several lanes, and collided with Hun. Peddie went through to cross the finish line first, Blair crossed second, Hun third, and Lawrenceville fourth. The coaches determined that Peddie did win the race (they were leading when the collision occurred. Hun was awarded second place--they were racing Lawrenceville for second when the collision occurred. Blair was awarded third place. Lawrenceville was disqualified. Blair Academy won the first MAPL League Championship, winning all three scoring races (boys' first, second, and third fours). Congratulations to Blair on a fine competitive showing


Varsity Four
Blair 4:55.4
Lawrenceville 5:02.0
Peddie 5:13.2
Hun 5:18.3

2nd Varsity Four:
Blair 5:12.4
Peddie 5:12.9
Lawrenceville 5:19.3
Hun 5:25.4

3rd Varsity Four:
Blair 5:14.9
Hun 5:29.1
Peddie 5:32.0
Lawrenceville 5:52.9

Frosh/Novice 8
MJRC-A 5:03.4
Blair 5:06.0
Lawrenceville NTT
Hun 5:29.4

4th Varsity Four:
Hun 5:19.0
Blair-A 5:19.4
Blair-B 5:31.3
Lawrenceville 5:51.3


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