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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys Eights,Boston College High School vs. St. Paul's School (Belmont Hill 1V, 3V, 4V
April 25, 2018; Charles River Powerhouse

Submitted by Stephen McKiernan.

Distance: 1300
Conditions: Steady rain, torrential at times. Good water.
Comments: Great racing. Thanks to St. Paul's for making the trip and to Belmont Hill Coaching staff for assisting with race management. In the 1V race, St. Paul's coxswain's hand was up, but went unnoticed. The race was called back for a restart. The restart was clean. In the 4V Eight, BC High steered into Belmont Hill and clashed oars. The race continued, but the clash effected the results.


First Boat
Belmont Hill 3:54.2
BC High 3:54.9
St. Paul's 3:56.4

Second Boat
BC High 4:02.2
St. Paul's 4:06.6

Third Boat
Belmont Hill 3:58
BC High 4:05

Fourth Boat
BC High 4:21.6
Belmont Hill 4:22.3

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