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HS/Scholastic: Tabor Academy vs. Hingham High School (Girls)
May 9, 2007; Hingham Harbor

Submitted by Noel Pardo.

Distance: 1500 m
Conditions: SSW breeze 8-10 at 3:30 for first races building to 12-15 by the last race. Course was due south so a headwind all the way.? Water conditions choppy at start flattening out by 750 to go.? High tide 5:34 pm so all races took place with a slight tide behind crews. Caused a chop as a result. Starting order juggled to accommodate coxswain ?hot seating?. An over exuberant harbormaster waked just about every crew down at some point.? Two intra-squad races run at end of day over 1000 meter course due to rough conditions (not timed)
Comments: Thanks to Hingham for being gracious hosts! A wonderful day of racing.


Varsity 8
TA 6:13
Hingham 6:21

2nd Varsity 8
TA 6:26
Hingham 7:01

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