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Collegiate Men & Women: Daffodil Cup
March 26, 2005; American Lake, Tillicum, WA

Thanks to Sam Taylor.

Conditions: Course- Floating Start, course between 1900-2050m depending on alignment. Conditions: Headwind 10-15mph, some chop on the course but not too bad. Notes: Difficult alignment through the day, continuous & soaking rain!

9:00M Varsity 8+UPS-7:03.1WSU-7:11.0L/C-7:25.4WWU- 7:26.8PLU- 8:21.5 
9:15W Varsity 8+WWU- 8:07.3UPS- 8:11.8L/C-8:22.5PLU- 8:37.1  
9:30W JV 8+UPS- 7:43.1WWU- 7:50.0L/C A- 7:51.0PLU B- 8:09.8L/C B- 8:22.9 
9:45M Novice 4+UPS- 8:31.2L/C A- 8:50.0WSU A- 9:01.3WWU- 9:12.9SPU- 9:25.8WSU B- 9:32.3
10:00W Novice 4+UPS A- 9:24.0PLU- 9:28.6UPS B- 9:50.9SPU- 10:08.8ESC- 10:30.1L/C- 10:39.1
10:15W Novice 2nd 8+WWU- 8:43.7UPS- 9:11.4PLU- 9:18.6   
10:30M JV 8+UPS- 6:33.8WSU- 6:42.3L/C- 7:05.4WWU- 7:11.6  
10:45M Varsity 4+WSU- 7:46.2UPS- 7:46.7SPU- 8:14.4PLU- 8:53.5  
11:00W Varsity 4+SPU- 8:44.6UPS- 8:51.3L/C- 9:12.1PLU A- 9:31.5PLU B- 10:08.4ESC- 10:34.2
11:15M Novice 8+WWU- 7:26.4UPS- 7:30.0L/C- 7:32.1WSU A- 7:32.2WSU B- 8:19.1 
11:30W Novice 8+WWU- 7:59.7UPS- 8:47.4PLU- 8:47.9L/C- 9:09.0ESC- 9:38.5 
11:45M 2-race not run due to weather conditions, short pair race run after conclusion of racing but not recorded
12:00W JV/Light 4+PLU A- 8:55.0PLU B- 9:18.6L/C- 9:24.9UPS B- 9:28.9UPS A- 9:39.9PLU C- 9:41.8
12:15M JV/Light 4+UPS- 8:08.7WSU A- 8:23.7PLU- 8:26.7WSU B- 8:34.1WWU- 9:06.1 
12:30W Novice 2nd/light 4+PLU- 10:13.8L/C- 10:21.3UPS- 10:35.8PLU- 10:46.2  
12:45M Novice 2nd/light 4+UPS A- 8:05.6UPS B- 8:37.9L/C- 8:39.5WSU- 9:18.9  

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