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Collegiate Men & Women: The Vermont Cup: Middlebury vs. UVM
October 8, 2022; Lake Dunmore, Salisbury, VT

Submitted by Rich Connell.

Distance: 4500m
Conditions: Strong headwind and chop for eights’ racing, but dwindling down by late morning fours’ racing. Cold temps in the high 30s/low 40s early morning, warming to 50s by noon.
Comments: Boat race style racing across 4.5K in the 1Vs and 2Vs, then 2K distance for 3V/N8 and all fours racing.


Varsity 8
Middlebury A 16:02
UVM 17:05
Middlebury B 18:29

Varsity Four
Middlebury A 7:19
UVM 7:22
Middlebury B 7:25

UVM 18:05
Middlebury 18:14

UVM 19:08
Middlebury 19:32

UVM A 7:26
UVM B 8:25
Middlebury 9:08

WV4 :
Middlebury A 7:34
UVM A 8:08
Middlebury B 8:17
UVM B 9:34

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