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High School/Scholastic: Brown Cup: Peddie vs. Lawrenceville (Girls)
April 11, 2018; Mercer Lake

Submitted by Barb Grudt.

Distance: 1500m
Conditions: 10 mph gusting cross/cross-tail wind (3V/4V 4+'s did floating start 150m into course)
Comments: Typically a very tightly contested event, this year was no different. The Brown Cup is awarded to the team whose boys' and girls' combined results earn the most points. This year went to a tie breaker which ultimately went to Peddie. Thank you Lawrenceville for some great racing!


Varsity Four
Peddie 6:10.2
Lawrenceville 6:12.8

2V Four:
Peddie 6:04.0
Lawrenceville 6:09.5

3V/4V Four:
Peddie 3V 5:03.0
Lawrenceville 3V 5:12.9
Peddie 4V 5:23.5
Lawrenceville 4V 5:43.2

Frosh/Novice 8
Lawrenceville A 6:07.5
Peddie 6:21.9
Lawrneceville B 6:49.5

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