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HS/Scholastic: Brooks School Girls vs. BB&N Girls
May 21, 2005; Lake Cochichewick

Submitted by Sally Morris.

Distance: 1450 m.
Conditions: At the starting line, all boats experienced a crossing wind from port. At the 500 m. mark, the wind shifted to a head wind, increasing in strength to the 1200 m. mark, with a decrease in the last 250 m. Fourth and Third boats had the strongest winds, with thirds' the stiffest of the day.


Varsity Four
Brooks 5:08.6
BB&N 5:18.1

2nd Four:
Brooks 5:24.8
BB&N 5:33.2

3rd Four:
Brooks 5:43.6
BB&N 5:47.5

4th Four:
Brooks 5:41.2
BB&N 5:46.6


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