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HS/Scholastic: Groton School girls vs. Middlesex School
May 2, 2007; Bare Hill Pond, Harvard, MA

Submitted by Andy Anderson.

Distance: 1300 m.
Conditions: Cross wind at start turned to headwind through the middle of the course. For the first race, 4th boats, there was little wind. It came up quite a bit just before the 3rd boats and continued building through the 2nd and 1st. The wind made each successive race slower - more headwind and choppier water.
Comments: In the third boat race, groton was leading by a length and a half with 30 strokes to go when they crabbed and stopped dead. Middlesex passed them before hey could get going. In the warmup for the race, the Middlesex 3rds hit a log and apparently knocked off their skeg, although they did not realize it. Their steering was erratic. It had some effect on the race, I am sure, although exactly what, is hard to know.


Varsity Four
Groton 5:12.6
Middlesex 5:24.3

2nd boat:
Groton 5:15.7
Middlesex 5:24.1

3rd boat:
Middlesex 5:24.3
Groton 5:26.6

4th boat:
Groton 5:18.3
Middlesex 5:24.0


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