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EARC HW Men: Albert Cup
March 25, 2017; Seekonk River, Providence RI

Submitted by Brown Men's Crew.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Light to moderate tailwind, fastest for the JV and calming for the final race. Order of racing 5V4, 4V, JV, Varsity, 3V. 3V delayed due to breakage. Varsity raced at high tide.
Comments: Yale retains the Albert Cup for winning the Varsity race.


Varsity 8
Yale 5:33.9
Brown 5:40.5

2nd Varsity 8
Yale 5:32.3
Brown 5:38.3

Varsity Four
Brown 6:59.9
Yale 7:38.7

3rd Varsity 8:
Yale 5:34.9
Brown 5:49.3

4th Varsity 8:
Brown 5:59.2
Yale 6:06.6

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