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EARC LW Men: Diamond Challenge Cup: Delaware vs. Princeton/Dartmouth/Temple
April 6, 2019; Lake Carnegie

Submitted by Princeton Coaching Staff.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: Partly Cloudy become Mostly Sunny 50-->60 degrees Light, Variable Headwind <5mph (NW)
Comments: Princeton wins the 1st Annual Diamond Challenge Cup, generously donated to the Annual Delaware/Dartmouth/Princeton 1st Varsity race by Henry DuPont (Delaware). Temple raced as a guest. Thank you to all of the volunteers that ran the start and finish lines


Varsity 8
Princeton 5:58.3
Dartmouth 6:01.9
Delaware 6:02.1
Temple 6:17.1

2nd Varsity 8
Princeton 6:08.0
Delaware 6:15.0
Temple 6:22.9
Dartmouth 6:23.2

3rd Varsity 8:
Princeton 6:15.6
Delaware 6:19.1

4th Varsity:
Princeton 6:19.3
Delaware 6:22.6

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