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HS/Scholastic: The Bassett Cup
May 14, 2010; The Powerhouse, Charles River

Submitted by Christopher Richards.

Distance: 1250m
Conditions: Variable conditions: neutral for 4th boat, increasing headwind for 3rd & 2nd boats, then diminishing somewhat for the 1st boat race
Comments: Thanks to St Marks and Dexter for a great evening of racing on the Charles!


Varsity Four
BHS 3:55.9
SMS 4:06.0
DX 4:20.0

2nd Boat:
BHS 4:07.3
SMS 4:18.2
DX 4:30.9

3rd Boat:
BHS 4:09.0
SMS 4:17.4
DX 4:33.7

4th Boat:
BHS 4:10.9
SMS 4:23.6
DX 5:06.5


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