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High School/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys Fours
April 8, 2017; Charles River Powerhouse Stretch

Submitted by Adam Holland.

Distance: 1300m
Conditions: Strong cross tail from the starboard side, (WNW or NNW wind) probably 20 mph average; consistently quite strong throughout racing, possibly dropping slightly as racing went on. Water rough but not choppy. Coxswains did a good job at the start and steering in challenging conditions
Comments: CRLS and Milton raced only 1st and 2nd boats; BB&N 3rd and 4th boats raced against each other to go down the course.


First Boat
CRLS 4:01.8
BB&N 4:12.3
Milton 4:17.2

Second Boat
CRLS 4:13.1
BB&N 4:19.6
Milton 4:49.5

Third Boat
BB&N 4:14.3
BB&N 4:33.6

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