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HS/Scholastic: Deerfield Academy vs. Taft (Girls)
April 23, 2005; Connecticut River, Deerfield, MA

Submitted by Oli Rosenbladt.

Distance: ~1500 meters, downstream
Conditions: Raging tail current, negligible wind, flat water. Rainy, cold and generally nasty.
Comments: Floating starts. The Girls 4th and 2nd boats started well below the starting line, the Girls 3rd slightly below, and the Girls 1st dead on. Taft G4 caught a crab in the last 500m of the race, were about 1 length open water down at that time. Kudos to all competitors for great racing in not-so-great weather.


Varsity Four
Taft 4:34.3
Deerfield 4:34.6

Girls 2nd Four:
Deerfield 4:09.5
Taft 4:15.6

Girls 3rd Four:
Deerfield 4:41.0
Taft 4:46.5

Girls 4th Four:
Deerfield 4:26.3
Taft 4:53.0


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