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Junior: Capital City Rowing vs. Bolles, Plant High, Evans Rowing Club (Women's races)
March 10, 2012; Lake Talquin, Leon Co., FL

Submitted by Brett Tillotson.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: 12-15mph tail/cross-tail. Partly cloudy. Bass fishermen abound.
Comments: *A stray middle school boat on the course affected the margin, but not the order of finish, in the women's 1st 8 race. Great racing by all. Thanks to Plant, Bolles, and Evans for making the trip.


Varsity 8
Plant A 6:51.9
CCR 6:54.8
Plant B 7:05.9
Bolles 7:35.9

2nd Varsity 8
Plant A 6:38.6
Plant B 7:14.9
Evans 7:21.1

Varsity Four
Bolles 7:32.6
Evans 8:33.8
Plant 9:17.3

3rd 8:
Plant A 7:01.2
CCR 7:21.9
Plant B 8:23.6

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