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HS/Scholastic: Phillips Academy Andover (Girls' Eights) vs. Phillips Exeter Academy and Tabor Academy (Girls' Eights)
May 12, 2012; Merrimack River

Submitted by Sallie Batchelor.

Conditions: Strong current and tailwind. Not all races began at the same point.
Comments: In the G2 race, when the boats were approaching 500m down, a motorboat cut back and forth across the race course (~300m ahead). The Exeter boat stopped for ~three strokes at that point. In the novice race, the Tabor boat caught an over the head, boat stopping crab.


Exeter 4:54.34
Tabor 5:03.4
Andover 5:11.8

Exeter 5:00.46
Andover 5:12.15
Tabor 5:33.44

Exeter 5:05.7
Andover 5:13.32
Tabor 5:40.5

Exeter 5:18.4
Andover 5:32.9

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