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Junior: Derryfield School, Waynflete School, Yarmouth RC Youth Crew
May 27, 2012; Fore River in Portland ME

Thanks to CC Stockly.

Conditions: Conditions at the beginning of racing consisted of a slight headwind and a strong incoming tide. By the las races the tide had slackened and the headwind clamed. Conditions were great for the duration of the racing. Note: Derryfield and Yarmouth both incurred 10 second penalties for cutting buoys in the G2 race; Derryfield’s B1 boat lost its skeg somewhere in the first 500m of the race. Waynflete thanks Yarmouth and Derryfield for a great day of racing!


1. Girls Novice four:                                       2. Boys’ 3rd four


Waynflete (4th)            7:53.56                        Yarmouth (3rd)            7:01.85

Yarmouth                    8:25.67                        Derryfield                   7:31.76

Waynflete (5th)            9:47.74                        Yarmouth (4th)                        8:01.37




3. Boys’ 2nd four                                            4. Girls’ 2nd four


Derryfield                   6:38.31                        Waynflete                   7:15.87

Yarmouth                    6:58.0                          Derryfield                   7:45.17

Waynflete                   7:58.23                        Yarmouth                    8:47.94




5. Girls’ 3rd four                                             6. Boys’ 1st four


Waynflete                   7:50.09                        Waynflete                   5:53.75

Yarmouth                    8:08.9                          Yarmouth                    5:56.44

Derryfield                   6:23.18



7. Girls’ 1st four


Waynflete                   6:44.69

Yarmouth                    6:53.25

Derryfield                   7:00.84




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