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HS/Scholastic: Mayor's Cup
April 3, 2010; Charles River Powerhouse strecth

Submitted by Adam Holland.

Distance: 1300m
Conditions: A beautiful day on the Charles. Sunny and warm, but not hot the crew couldn't have asked for better weather for their season openers. The river was still running fast from all of last week's rain, and this was only exaggerated by the river being drained to adjust for run-off. This meant very difficult conditions for the coxswains at the start, as they found themselves being pushed hard to port as well as downstream. A mild cross-head from starboard ( SSW) made things even more challenging, but all the crews handled themselves well, despite often not being truly in their lanes when the commands were given. Conditions remained largely the same for all racing, although the wind speed picked up a bit as racing continued.
Comments: BB&N's 4th boat raced in the 3rd boat race against the two competing 3rd boats. The 2nd boat race was raced last on the schedule to accommodate a CRLS rower with a morning academic commitment. This rower jumped from the coaching launch into his boat on as it sat on the starting line!


Varsity Four
BB&N 4:01.7
CRLS 4:11.3

2nd Fours:
BB&N 4:20.32
CRLS 4:22.1

3rd Fours ( with BB&N 4th):
BB&N 3rd 4:16.3
BB&N 4th 4:28.2
CRLS 3rd 4:36.9

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