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HS/Scholastic: NEIRA Boys Fours: Pomfret, Taft, BB&N, Gunnery, St. Mark's
May 12, 2012; Quasset Lake, Woodstock, CT

Submitted by Pomfret coaching staff.

Distance: 1,500 Meters
Conditions: Predominantly a light headwind with occasional stronger gusts; wind was also swirling and highly variable between races. Fairly flat water. No current. Great racing conditions.
Comments: * In the boy's 4th boat: Pomfret and St. Mark's tied. The race was for the du Pont Cup, raced annually since 1977. Races alternated with girls. Order of racing: 5-4-3-2-1-6. By winning the 1V race, Taft wins the du Pont Cup.


First Boat:
Taft 5:05.76
BB&N 5:06.85
Pomfret 5:12.24
St. Mark's 5:14.61
Gunnery 5:24.78

Second Boat:
Gunnery 5:20.71
Pomfret 5:22.30
Taft 5:23.64
St. Mark's 5:24.33
BB&N 5:24.86

Third Boat:
BB&N 5:30.85
Pomfret 5:37.93
Taft 5:41.49
St. Mark's 5:44.03
Gunnery 5:52.84

Fourth Boat:
BB&N 5:37.66
Taft 5:41.00
Gunnery 5:41.50
Pomfret* 5:45.76
St. Mark's* 5:45.76

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