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Collegiate Men: UCLA Classic
March 31, 2018; Ballona Creek Regatta Center

Submitted by UCLA.

Distance: 2000m
Conditions: High Tide was at 10am, so early races were against the tide and later races were with the tide. There was a fog, and a building headwind throughout the day.
Comments: The regatta had Heats, semis and finals. Results from Finals only are above.

Full results are here.
Thanks to Brandin Grams for live stream and timing.

Live stream is here


Open 8 Grand Final:
Coast A 6:20.12
UC Irvine A 6:24.79
UCLA A 6:25.14
UCLA B 7:00.73

Open 8 Petite Final:
Coast B 6:37.0
Oregon A 6:46.39
Colorado A 6:53.74
Colorado B 7:17.42

Open 8 C Final:
UCLA C 7:01.52
LMU/Oregon/Colorado Composite 7:11.83

Novice 8 Grand Final:
Coast A 6:30.79
UC Irvine A 6:48.71
UCLA A 7:01.03
UC Irvine B 7:09.59

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