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Championship Races: Riggers National Croquet Championship - Wakamole Trophy
May 26, 2012; A Shady Grove, Lake Mercer, NJ

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Conditions: Jersey Gold


Not Collegiate, Academic or Athletic Riggers' Croquet Championship
for the coveted (but temporarily misplaced) Wakamole Trophy.


  • Notre Dame: Kurt "Coach" Butler

    2 Wickets Back -- The Field

  • Brown: Mark "Commissioner" Schofer
  • California: Lincoln "Penny" LaRoe
  • Michigan: Jon "Spellcheck" Kotwicki
  • Ohio State: Joe "The Barber" Pipia
  • Virginia: Roger "Major" Payne
  • Western Washington: John Fuchs -- Div II Representative

    Did Not Start

  • Radcliffe: Linda "Not Harvard" Scherer
  • Princeton: Brad "Pussycat" Woodrick
  • Trinity: Wesley "Buy a Vowel" Ng
  • Yale: Tom "President" Taft
  • USC: Doug "Push" Thiemann
  • Cornell: Mike "MTR" Brown

    Did Not Care

  • Michigan State: Ed "Dapper" Gunter
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